Official Cartography

Publicado a 18/03/2014 e Revisto a 10/12/2019

Oficial 1: 10000 scale Cartography Maps

Here you will find maps of official cartography and topographic 1:10 000 scale, at a regional and municipal level, available to the public. This set includes various themes of cartography, such as, Altimeter, Agricultural and Forestry areas, Leisure areas, Industrial areas and Services, Buildings, Transportation, Rivers, among others.

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Note about the available data: Vector file format is DGN (version 7), multicoded according to the technical specifications of the Directorate General of the Territory that can be viewed here. The reference year is 1999/2000, at a 1:10, 000 scale with Hayford Gauss Datum 73 reference system, and Altimeter System of Cascais only available for the following 6 Municipalities: Aveiro, Estarreja, Ílhavo, Murtosa, Ovar and Vagos.

Other entities with Official Cartography

Links to Portuguese Official entities that provide geographic products at various scales (cartography, aerial photography, etc.):


Other entities with Thematic Cartography

Links to other entities that provide national thematic cartography:


National Web Services

Links to national web services lists:


Free Open Street Map data

Link to download free geographical information, of OpenStreetMap (unofficial):

Metadata of Aveiro’s Region maps found here: Metadata
We hope that these maps are a useful tool to find what you’re looking for, while exploring the information available about the Region.
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