Orthophotos available for download (2012)

Click on the blue squares to download the corresponding images

The Orthophotos are in Gauss projection, ellipsoid GRS80, ETRS89 Datum (EPSG: 3763), scale 1:10000 and the flight date is September, year 2012. The spatial resolution of the orthophotography is 0.30 meters containing 4 bands (infra-red, red, green, blue), and radiometric resolution is 8 bit. These images were compressed to JPEG with the following command: gdal_translate -co COMPRESS=JPEG -co JPEG_QUALITY=75.

Blue squares represent the area covered by the Orthophotos.

In all cases of publication or use, for any purpose, of the Orthophotos obtained on this page will cite its source: "Aveiro Region Intermunicipal Community".

Tip: you can start by turning off the layer "Available Orthophotos" in the top right corner and navigate to the desired area. When you find the place you're looking for, you can turn on the layer "Available Orthophotos" and click to open a window where you can download the TIFF image with its corresponding TFW file.

Represented administrative boundaries corresponde to portuguese official administrative divisions, CAOP, version 15, available at DGT (Territory Directorate), transformed to WGS84 coordinate system using QuantumGIS and converted from SHP to GeoJSON with OGR2GUI. Ortophotos thumbnails were created with Easy Thumbnails.

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