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Publicado a 10/04/2014 e Revisto a 11/08/2015

Aveiro Region began to publish its cartographic assets following the SIGRia project. This was launched by our former Association of 11 Municipalities (AMRia), which aimed to empower its structures and populations with a geographic information infrastructure to support knowledge, planning and management of the territory.

The SIGRia project allowed the structuring and centralization of geographical information in order to increase the quality of technical services and citizens satisfaction. In addition to the integration of all existing information at the municipal level, the project intended to provide geographic information on the WEB (Intranet and Internet) made possible with the financing programme 2003-2006 Aveiro Digital.

Today, the GIS of Aveiro Region publishes all regional cartographic information and connections to Municipal pages. You can also find the method for acquiring our official cartography data.

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